The European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA <> ) is the learned society for communication scholars across Europe and beyond. Individuals, institutions and associations have chosen to become members of ECREA to join a large community devoted to the development and the quality of communication research and higher education in Europe.

ECREA hosts three networks (Central and East-European (CEE) Network, Women's Network and Young Scholars Network (YECREA), ten temporary working groups (two of which recently established), as well as 17 thematic sections, each developing their own sets of activities. Every year, dozens of Ph.D students gather together with leading scholars during the ECREA Summer School. ECREA also manages its own Book Series which publishes at least one volume of original and innovative academic year every year.
All activities within ECREA are developed and organised to serve the community, enhance the quality of communication research and higher education, provide opportunities to exchange, share and collaborate, and to promote the interests of communication scholars. More importantly, ECREA is a bottom up organisation where various projects and ideas are emerging and materialising, driven by the energy and enthusiasm of the members.

Conference Host: Universidade Lusófona

Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias <>  is the largest non-public University in Portugal. The University name comes from the word “Lusofonia” which names all the Portuguese speaking countries and their common linguistic and cultural background. The university assumes itself as the leading institution responsible for the development of this geographical and cultural space with more than 200 million inhabitants.

With a student body of more than 9.000 students and 1.000 teachers, the university offers a very rich environment, either in scientific as in social and cultural terms. The large amount of foreign students studying here, namely the ones from Brazil and Africa, adds a lot to the already very lively University ambient. The University big and well equipped campus, is situated in the centre of Lisbon “University City” just a few minutes away from all the city main areas.

ECATI -School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies is an innovative project designed to develop training and research activities in an interdisciplinary manner around a confluent scientific, educational and
experimental space. Currently ECATI offers honours, master and Phd degrees in the areas of:

   -  Communication
    - Architecture , Art & Design ,
    - Multimedia, Film and Video
    - Computer Science and Information Systems

The highly flexible , rigorous and integrated training and research strategy of ECATI, aims to prepare students to respond creatively to the challenges of the information and knowledge society. The growing trend towards globalization discourages the artificial separation of technology and
teaching, and encourages the integration of training activities in the various fields of communication, arts and Design, with training in information systems and architecture, having the ultimate goal of creating a set of unique synergies and transversal competences.

Without losing sight of the specificity of each area of ?knowledge , ECATI constitutes a formative space where complementary knowledge is provided, both horizontally - between courses - or vertically - through the integration of training and research.

ECATI combines graduate and advanced training, research and services provision to the community, and also the promotion of cultural and scientific activities in connection with civil society .

To meet its objectives, ECATI integrates a team of highly qualified teachers, and is an active party in the larger research unit in the area of communication in the country, CIC-digital. ECATI distinguishes itself via its state of the art technical facilities and the highly applied nature of its teaching and knowledge transfer oriented research activities.

International Organization Committee members

Claudia Alvares (ECREA President)
Ilija Tomanic-Trivundza (ECREA Vice-President and Conference Programme Coordinator)
Katrin Voltmer (ECREA Treasurer)
Alenka Jelen (ECREA General Secretary and Conference Coordinator)
Miguel Vicente (ECREA Conference Coordinator)

Local Organization Committee members

Manuel José Damásio (Conference Chair)
Célia Quico (General Coordinator)
Joana Bicacro
José Pinto
Iolanda Veríssimo
Isabel Canhoto
Manuela Brito
Ricardo Valente
Sandra Abrantes
Sara Henriques
Timóteo Rodrigues
Valter de Matos

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2799-537 Linda-a-Velha

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